Dog Trainer Dee

Dee is a qualified Behaviour Therapist and Trainer, who understands a pets emotions using scientifically proven results.

Dee has worked at the Animal Welfare League, and has worked in a Behaviour Vet Clinic doing behaviour consultations.

What We Do

Dee teaches owners to:

  1. Read their pets body language to understand their emotions.
  2. Train their pets, to make their own decisions, with guidance from their owners.
  3. Work on calming their pets brain. (High arousals in the brain inhibit a pets learning capabilities and cause unwanted behaviours.)
  4. Set up their environment to help their pet learn.
  5. Positively manage their pet when they are doing an unwanted behaviour.
  6. Successfully raise a puppy into adulthood (see Puppies page).
  7. Training reactive dogs.
  8. Training in general.

Most dog trainers (not all) work on the behaviour of a pet using negative reinforcement/correction, punishment verbal (strong harsh voice saying NO or Ah Ah), or physical (prong collars, choker chains, ultrasonic noise device, shock collars, spray collars, water sprays etc), and positive reinforcement, the latter being the best and scientifically proven.
Other courses done: (Aside from Certifications below)
How to positively Train Puppies
Reactive Dog Training Advanced Techniques

Dee teaches owners how to calm their pets brain and show's them positive immediate management, she will never add punishment or use an adversive based approach.

What They Are Saying..

"Cannot recommend Dee enough. We adopted an 8 month old pup who was nipping, jumping and showing signs of aggression. Dee taught us how to read his body language, what his different noises meant and how to help him in those moments of high stress. The tools she gave us were so easy to implement and continue with we haven't looked back. We noticed the difference that same evening after Dee left our home just how much more relaxed he was and it's only gotten better from there. our dog still has his moments but who doesn't. Such a big advocate for enrichment, positive reinforcement and of course lots of treats."

- Robyn Kuka
"Our (Izzy) Italian Greyhound loves working with Dee. DeeDee is very patient and knowledgeable. We couldn't have survived the jumping and biting unless we knew how to cope. We look forward to learning more each week."

- Marlene Iffland
"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dee. So much infomration. Great to see an improvement in Diesel. Can't wait to use the techniques and see further improvements."

- Kelly Moffatt
"Dee is amazing, she knows what she is talking about and also knows how to train a dog properly. My Na’la girl absolutely loves Dee. I’m so glad I found her. Would Highly recommend!!"

- Tiana Davis Mahia
"Dee is amazing, she knows what she is talking about and also knows how to train a dog properly. My Na’la girl absolutely loves Dee. I’m so glad I found her. Would Highly recommend!!"

- Tiana Davis Mahia
"My experience working with Dee has been enlightening. Her methods are positive, compassionate and I am so happy that we met Dee to help our dogs!"

- Brodie MacMahon
I am so happy I found Dee to help my dog. I had a few trainers come in that didn't work and Dee explained why, because Dee helped us understand why our dog was behaving the way she was and has helped us turn her fear into a positive experience which in turn changed her behaviour. Our dog had a connection to Dee straight away which is quite unusual for her so we are so excited to keep using Dee to help us in the future.

Jess Whittaker
"Dee has looked after our fur and feathered babies a few times now and we wouldn't get anyone else! We know they will not only have their meals but lots of love as well, which is what sets her apart from the others. Dee's genuine love for animals provides peace of mind in knowing our babies are getting the best care which ensures we can relax when we are away. We would recommend her highly! Thank you Dee"

- Amanda Hargreaves
"Dee moved in and hung out with our 3 kids... all totally different in personalities and demands! And she nailed it. They loved her... she loved them. We got home from a few days away to a very happy house... which meant the world. Would highly recommend Dee for looking after your pets while you are away. Thanks Dee..."

- Peta Wolff
"We can attest to Dee's amazing ability with animals. We recently had her help us with our Bella (and us). We now have a much better understanding of dog behaviour and lots of great information and ideas that will help reduce Bella's anxiety and fear. Thanks Dee!"

- Peter Ainscough
"Thank you so much Dee your advice, service and care is truly appreciated!"

-  Lisa Heinze
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Dee's Certifications

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